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Jeff Kinder's Moments album is relaxing all while being profoundly moving. This is the type of music you will want to listen to again and again due to its creative nature and how it holds your full attention. I found this music to be stunningly beautiful with a touch of ecstasy ever present. I felt my emotions lifted and found myself homesick for places I've only imagined. This original music will leave you with a sigh of peace. I found I like listening to this album late at night with candles lit. The melodies are soothing and comforting and perfect for a quiet evening.

~The Rebecca Review

"I've been around a lot of pianists in 10 years of singing professionally.  Jeff Kinder's ear for music in general is amazing, but his ability to blend classical training with raw emotion is what sets this album apart from the rest."

"'Moments'  is one of those albums you can set on play/repeat and just feel your stress melt away. Mr. Kinder has a talent for creating music that is emotionally powerful despite its seemly simple composition. Since I've received the disc I've listened to it everyday to re-center my mind and soul. Jeff Kinder has a touch with the keyboard that is hard to find these days. You will not regret purchasing this album."

"This is not piano music as you have heard it before - each track could be a part of a movie soundtrack, however it is by no means commercial. Some tracks will bring a smile to your face as you remember a specific place and time, others will bring back more solemn memories, either way this album is more akin to a soundtrack of your life, rather than the artist's. Perhaps that is an underlying message - that each of us have our own private and personal moments in life, that while totally separate, almost bring us together as the human race. I am sure the music will speak for itself."